Frequently Asked Questions

What is Genuine, or Honduran, Mahogany?
Honduran Mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla), also known as “big-leaf” or “Genuine” Mahogany, is indigenous to Central and South America.  Its wood has a straight, fine and even grain, is reddish-brown in color and darkens as it ages.  Genuine Mahogany has long been known for its beauty and stability, and is a popular choice for high-end furniture, musical instruments, flooring and a variety of decorative uses.

Where does your product come from?
Our Genuine Mahogany (Swietenea macrophylla) lumber, and that of other species, originates from a self-sustaining, bio-diverse agroforestry project sitting on over 5,000 acres in the Philippines.

Why does your Genuine Mahogany product come from the Philippines, and not Honduras?
Due to the popularity of its wood, this Mahogany species has been over-harvested in Central and South America to the extent that its natural survivability is threatened.  The exploitation of this species has led to its inclusion in CITES Appendix II, as of 2003, effectively limiting the lumber imported into the United States to that grown in plantation settings.  Of those available plantations, we have found that Genuine Mahogany grown in the Philippines more closely matches the indigenous growth characteristics than trees grown in other parts of the world.

How do you ensure your products come from a bio-diverse and renewable source?
We have partnered with a supplier in the Philippines that shares our commitment to preserving this resource for generations to come.  They are compliant with sustainable forestry standards, and are thus able to trace each piece of wood to a single tree to show an intact chain of custody from planting through harvesting and final product delivery.

How is your Mahogany product different from Philippine Mahogany?
“Philippine Mahogany” is not an actual species, but a trade name that represents a number of less desirable species of hardwood in the Philippines.  The Genuine Mahogany product that we sell is exactly that: Swietenia macrophylla.

Do you have wood from species other than Genuine Mahogany available for sale?
Yes.  Some of the other in-stock species include:

  • Acacia (Samanea saman)
  • Giant Ipil-Ipil (Leucaena leucocephala)
  • Kalumpit (Terminalia microcarpa)
  • Gmelina (Gmelina arborea)
  • Diga-a (Ziziphus talanai)

We also have access to the following species from the same agro-forestry project, and can import upon request:

  • Spanish Cedar (Cedrela odorata)
  • Teak (Tectona grandis)
  • Narra (Pterocarpus indicus)

Where can I find additional information about these unique species?
We will be consolidating information and pictures for each species and showcasing them on our website in the coming months.  Stay tuned!

Where can I go to view and purchase these hardwood products?
Lumber from these and other exotic species, all from the same eco-forestry project, is always available for viewing and sale from our warehouse in Seville, OH.  We also maintain stock of live-edge slabs and tabletop pieces.  Additional inventory of these species is currently maintained by our supplier, and custom-cut orders can be accommodated.  Please contact us if you have an interest.